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    About Sarah

    Growing up my parents were always encouraging me to do what I love, which was art, and at high school I was told that I would never make a career out of it. During my studies of Graphic Design at University, tragedy struck when I lost my Dad in a motorbike accident, a moment that profoundly changed my perspective on life..

    The grief from that loss serves as a constant reminder to cherish the small moments and the importance of capturing memories through imagery.

    My husband Shawn and I have 3 amazing girls, that surprise me every single day. There is a bit of a gap between each of their ages, but they really get along so well it makes me proud. Shawn and I have been together since 1997 (yes, I was only 15!) riding the waves of life, growing together in many ways. We are each others best friends.

    I love all things nature.  Animals, gardening, crystals and the clouds. I’ve also been known over the years to create some pretty cool cakes for the kids too. Being creative is a high need of mine.


    – Sarah Hyland