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    Meet your artist.

    I grew up on a block, playing in the mud, staring at the clouds and watching kittens being born.  The smell of sprinklers spraying grapevines on a hot summers day takes me back to those times.  I felt free, open to my imagination.  My memories are refreshed when looking at the printed photos of my childhood.  It’s another way I remember things.  They take me back to that time, place and emotion when my mind can’t.  

    Growing up my parents were always encouraging me to do what I love, which was art, and in high school I was told that I would never make a career out of it.  It’s funny how some things just stick in your mind like that, and then when you’re doing the thing they said you codlin’t, you appreciate how far you’ve come.

    Being able to support my family by doing something that I love is incredibly rewarding.  Over the years I have been flexible to raise my 3 girls while managing the household, although it hasn’t always been easy, it still takes work, determination and continual growth.  Having such a strong and supportive husband binds us together and we are an incredible team. 

    – Sarah Hyland