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    Don’t photograph your kids!

    Why you may ask, did I title this post “Don’t photograph your kids?
    Well, technically you SHOULD photograph them, everyday, every special moment, every time you think of it.

    But I always find it so hard to photograph MY kids. They are my biggest challenge. And I am a photographer! I get frustrated when they won’t listen, or pull continuous silly faces. There are always tears. Sure I still get beautiful photos, but sometimes to have them captured by someone else they are completely different people. I constantly notice this in parents when having photo sessions, they stress and worry that their children aren’t performing. The truth is, sometimes this can rub off onto the kids and stop them relaxing and having fun. I am the worst culprit of this, I know, it’s second nature to want perfect family photos. But you are only going to get perfect family photos when your kids are happy and enjoying themselves.