Professional photography is an investment. - SD Photography Mildura

Professional photography is an investment.

You are simply investing in the most important people in your life. These people create the precious moments in life that can be gone within a blink of an eye. In an era that takes so many photos, would you have hundreds of candid snaps, or a few stunning masterpieces that you print and showcase on your wall for everyone to see?

Enter my creative passion. I love getting to know you so that I can capture who you are. For each personalised session, I take the time and attention to create, photograph and artistically edit your photos.

I work with expensive professional equipment including cameras, lenses, lighting, computers and software which requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Although all of this is accessible to general public, it takes great knowledge and skill to manually and creatively produce professional work.
I also have a home studio to run, inside I have an extensive prop collection which has taken years to build up.

As an AIPP member, continual education is important to me. I continue to attend workshops and mentoring with professional photographers Australia wide as my own investment. If you should choose to invest in me, why should I not invest in my career?
It is from attending these, that I have learnt newborn safety, developed quality and consistency in my work, editing techniques and business management.

Experience can be an asset to any business, and mine is no exception. Over the years I have developed ways to pose and work with many different people, build confidence in my personality to structure weddings, and in recent years, settling babies and connecting with children. Connection can be a make or break deal in these moments.

Consider the time a professional photographer may spend on their work. It’s not just the actual session, but a lot of work behind the scenes. This can include initial consultation, creative and workflow planning, uploading/selecting and editing images, post session consultations, collecting/packaging and posting orders, cleaning/washing after newborn sessions and travel. Time spent that the client doesn’t see can be anywhere from 15-30 hrs. (Even more for weddings!!)
And even after all this, marketing, website/social media and continuing education has not been considered.

I always consider how precious the time is we have with our loved ones, which is why I urge you to consider investing in professional photography.