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About me

This is me, Sarah, I’m the one behind the camera.

I am an AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) certified member, BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) Design graduate, a mother of three amazing girls and wife to my very loving, supportive husband.

My business is run from home, and I usually spend nights editing while the kids are in bed.

Sometimes it can be tricky working from home, I get distracted by many other jobs around me, but working from home gives me the chance to be with my girls while they are young.

SD Photography began way back in 2003 towards the end of my studies.  I had always loved using a camera, and had been asked to do a few jobs here and there for people.  Photography was my major at university, so I had learned all the fundamentals, film processing, printing, history etc.  It was always so exciting to develop my photos on film.  When I first started working for myself, I used film cameras, sometimes two at a time, however, I eventually changed to digital and found it just as exciting.

From there my business has evolved into what it is today.  My knowledge  of graphic design, and flair for creativeness have helped shape my path, as have lots of practice, experience and persistence.

I am always critical of my own work, I feel that if I am not always trying to improve my work, things get repetitive and boring.  My job is never boring!  It is exciting, rewarding, and I am always learning and evolving.

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