My World

The last week has been a tad testing on us and a certain 2 year old. There was an unexpected need for ‘cold turkey’ on Scarlett’s dummy. Or ‘booboo’ as she called it. We had planned to give it up a few times and failed, so the seed was planted for it to happen at Easter.

Until, she decided to chew a hole in one of them!! After then discovering the back up boo boos had split, we knew it had to be done that night.

She has been a bit emotional, and woke up a few times for it in the first couple of nights, but I’m hoping we have past the worst of it.
I have never been a fan of dummies, and never used it with the other kids, so I have patiently waited for this time to come.


Last month, my eldest daughter turned 10. We decided that she was old enough for a bit of responsibility and gave her a rabbit for her birthday.
Meet “DEREK ZOOLANDER” the rabbit. When we did the photos, she requested orange to represent ‘orange mocha frappe chino’. (not sure if the pronunciation is correct, lol)